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Greyhound Form

Have you ever heard any of the following statements?

60% of first bend leaders go on to win the race.

Trap 4 is the coffin box.

Back the Greyhound from the same trap throughout a meeting.

I think most people have at some point and if you followed any of the above blindly you would have probably lost a lot of money and certainly some of your hair!

Information Is Everything

Why not do your own Greyhound form ratings instead of relying on others to offer you their "HOLY GRAIL" greyhound system that if it was what they claim it to be wouldn't ever see the light of day and certainly wouldn't be available for a few of your hard earned pennies.

Statistical analysis can aid your betting strategies whether you are backing or laying & having easy and quick access to all of this information can improve your chances of turning that loser into a winner and PROFIT!

We offer daily Greyhound form for all of the days Greyhound BAGS racing that's available to bet on, uniformly sorted for you in an easy to read excel format allowing you to crunch the stats to your hearts content.

Used in conjunction with our FTTW spreadsheet you can quickly see our ratings for Fastest time, Average time, Last time, Grade, Split & First bend stats for all of the days BAGS racing. all at the click of a mouse, or you can just use the info provided by us to implement into your own ratings system.

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Greyhound Form